P\ pensar_Performance, intervenção urbana e instalação [pesquisa]

To think about_Performance, urban intervention and art installation [researchs]


Observatório, 2012. Intervenção Urbana. Paris. Elaine Tedesco

‘Não existe uma contemplação passiva.’ Elaine Tesdesco. [Este video fala sobre a cidade, interação, observador e percepção na obra].

Observatory, 2012. Urban intervention. Paris. Elaine Tedesco
‘There is no passive contemplation.’  On this video the artist Elaine Tedesco talks about the spectator and his relation with the city. It’s all about perception.

Bodies-in-urban-space \\ performance – urban intervention


Anthony Coleman, Mary Halvorson, and special guests Alberto Denis and Esther m Palmer perform Christian Marclay’s Pret-à-Porter (2010) \\ [clothes and music]



Elizabeth Streb Discusses her Performance of Trisha Brown’s Man Walking Down the Side of a Building (1970).



Trisha Brown Dance Company Performs a Compilation of Brown’s Early Works



2014 Biennial: Jacolby Satterwhite  [dance- urban space- interesting movements]



Performance for Martha Friedman’s Pore featuring Silas Riener / Locust Projects, Miami  \ [moods and textures]



Ikue Mori and Zeena Parkins perform Christian Marclay’s Sixty-Four Bells and a Bow (2009).



Julius von Bismarck: Egocentric System / Art Basel 2015
One of the highlights of Art Basel in Basel 2015 was German artist Julius von Bismarck’s artwork ‘Egocentric System’ in the Unlimited sector of the fair. ‘Egocentric System’ is a live performance by Julius von Bismarck on a rotating paraboloid, spanning the entirety of the show. In this interview with the artist, Julius von Bismarck talks about how he got the idea for the work, how it feels “living” on such a rotating bowl for an extended period of time, the technical aspect of the piece, and his future plans with the work.

Julius von Bismarck is known for a work that spans the fields of art, science, and technology. Von Bismarck was born in 1983 in Breisach am Rhein, Germany. He has studied with Olafur Eliasson at the Institut für Raumexperimente. In 2008 he won the Golden Nica of the Prix Ars Electronica with his work “Image Fulgurator”. Following numerous exhibitions at internationally renowned locations, he became the first artist to receive the Prix Ars Electronica from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). The artist lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Davide Balula: Mimed Sculptures / Art Basel Unlimited 2016‬
Snapshot: Davide Balula: Mimed Sculptures (Galerie Frank Elbaz, Gagosian Gallery). Art Basel Unlimited 2016. Basel (Switzerland), June 15, 2016.

“Mimed Sculptures is a performed presentation of canonical works of sculpture. Above empty plinths of various sizes, a group of mimes will shape the air with their hands, rebuilding iconic modernist sculptures by Louise Bourgeois, Alberto Giacometti, Barbara Hepworth, David Smith, and Henry Moore.

Recalling the shallow objects of virtual reality, these invisible sculptures are perceptible only when their contours are being exposed and touched. Each fragment disappears once the mime’s hand moves, challenging the viewer’s visual memory to make out the form as a whole.”

choreographing space – Dance performance with and by Benedikte Esperi




Performance Un Coniglio Alla Mia Tavola by Franco Losvizzero
During The Road To Conteporary Art – Roma – Art Fair 2010

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